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Uniqueness of Nitrile Rubber as Demonstrated by Nitrile Seal Manufacturers

Like many other necessary components, nitrile has also made its name to prerequisites in aerospace, aircraft, automobile, and many more industries. While many people are abreast of the name, many aren’t. It is for those, nitrile is a product of two components: acrylonitrile or ACN and butadiene. Nitrile is commonly known in the names of Buna-N, NBR, and also acrylonitrile butadiene. According to nitrile seal manufacturers, the material is instrumental in resisting oil and grease. The other reason behind nitrile seals gaining popularity is their ability to persevere through high temperature, pressure, and severe environmental conditions.

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Applications of Nitrile Seals

Helix Engineering has been researching the fields of rubber and steel manufacturing for a prolonged time. Being one of the top nitrile seal manufacturers, we have successfully catered to innumerable industries and therefore, curated the applications of nitrile seals. If you are someone planning to work with nitrile seals, it is advisable to go through the following. Nitrile seals offer combats the following oils and solvents, namely:

  • Crude petroleum oil
  • Animal and vegetable oils
  • Kerosene and gasoline
  • Liquified petroleum or LP gases
  • Motor oils
  • Mineral-based hydraulic fluids
  • Silicone greases and oils

Benefits of Nitrile Seals in the Current Time

In the present time, nitrile is the most widely used material for sealing. Since nitrile is often considered the backbone of the automobile and industrial sectors, the demand for nitrile seal have seen a colossal jump. Nitrile seals are considered the best material due to their engineering properties. Nitrile seal manufacturers like Helix have listed some uses of the substance.

  • Nitrile seals follow a marked temperature range of -35°C to +120°C. 
  • Nitrile seals have the ability to be compounded for a wide range of applications.
  • There are particular grades of nitrile seals that when mixed with PVC or polyvinyl chloride result in higher defiance to ageing, flame, petrol, and also ozone.
  • Carboxylated grades of NBR rubber seals or XNBR comprise elevated physical properties that offer greater resistance to temperature.
  • NBR rubber seals containing a high percentage of acrylonitrile composition offers even higher resistance to oil. 
  • If the acrylonitrile composition is lesser, then the seal will adapt with low temperature and also possess proper flexibility as well as resilience.
  • There is a special kind of low-temperature component of nitrile rubber that is suited for mineral oil-based fluids. 

Disadvantages of Nitrile Seals

Similar to every other substance, nitrile seals also have certain limitations like:

  • Nitrile’s opposition towards petroleum gel is limited by temperature.
  • In many cases, if your application necessitates both high oil resistance as well as temperature resistance, then Viton might be a better choice. 
  • Nitrile is unsuitable for substances containing exceedingly polar solvents like acetone which is found in certain food processing and medical applications.
  • It is also not recommended for colder temperatures less than -40° F.

Helix Engineering comprises a wide range of nitrile seals ranging from 1mm to 1000mm. We also design seals based on the drawing or sample provided by clients. We not only cater to different sizes but also colours of every type. Helix also manufactures nitrile sponge seals. We take pride in stating that our products are delivered within a quick span of 3 to 4 days both nationally and internationally. Also, we offer doorstep delivery without any additional delivery charge.

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