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Metal to HNBR Bonded Seals

Metal to Hnbr Bonded Seal Manufacturers

  • HELIX Bonds All types of metals including C1018-1040 / Aluminum / C40 / Stainless Steel to HNBR.
  • HELIX can manufacture any type of HNBR to metal bonded seals as per customer's drawings / samples. We have in house machining facilities to machine steel parts and then bond them to rubber as per customer's specifications.
  • HELIX Manufactures HNBR to metal bonded seals in all sizes from 1 mm to 1000 mm in Diameters
  • HELIX’S HNBR to metal bonded seals have excellent Heat Resistance upto 175 C
  • HELIX’S HNBR to metal bonded seals are available in all colours
All our orders would be freely Door Delivered via DHL/FEDEX with a Transit time of just 3-4 days to any part of the world


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