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It is an honor to introduce Helix as one of the top rubber seal manufacturers in Texas. With over 20+ years of experience, Helix Engineering is a recognized brand that thrives on the latest tech innovation.

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At Helix, we follow a unique approach to ensure that the development of our products is top tier. We provide custom molds depending on our client's requirements. If you are seeking leading Rubber Seal Manufacturers in Texas then you are at the right place.

What are rubber seals used for?

Rubber seals are used to create tight spaces or seal two materials. Due to its property, it is used in a variety of applications. With the help of rubber seals, you can prevent loss of air, heat, or even water leakage. 

For example, rubber seals are used in airplanes to keep the air inside to maintain a proper equilibrium and avoid loss of pressure. Similarly, using rubber seals, you can keep food fresh for an extended period of time. 

Rubber is widely recognized to be the best sealing material used in all kinds of products and industries.

Benefits of Rubber Seals

Here are just a few of the benefits that rubber seals manufactured by Helix Engineering offered:

1. Highly durable

Due to the physical properties of rubber, the material has the capability to maintain its integrity for an extended period of time. It does not deteriorate in harsh conditions and not even when extreme pressure is applied. This is especially useful in the high-pressure, high-altitude situations, like in airplanes.

2. Temperature resistant

Rubber seals can withstand extreme temperatures that can vary from cold to hot. This makes them ideal in situations where the temperature is dynamic and is prone to change. Hence, this is also one of the reasons why they are preferred in heavy machinery industries.

3. Highly elastic for extreme bending

Rubber is stretchable and can be shaped into different angles. It can be compressed to fit the required shapes. This helps to prevent any liquid or gas from leaking.

4. Non-toxic

Rubber is sometimes manufactured using unapproved raw materials. The rubber seals made by Helix Engineering are non-toxic. It will not lead to any kind of reaction in any given environment. This makes it ideal to use in the food and medical industries.

Key Components

Helix's reputation for excellence is built on our client's trust in us. We aim to continuously exceed our customer's expectations by providing them with high-quality rubber seals on time. As a leading manufacturer of rubber seals in Texas, our key components include:

  • Rubber seals of 1mm - 1000mm in diameter
  • Excellent flexibility and long-lasting
  • Available in all colors
  • Available from Hardness Shore A 40 - 90
  • Custom molds as per client's requirements
  • Rubber sponge seals are also available
  • Food Grade Rubber Seals

Why choose Helix as the top Rubber Seal Manufacturers in Texas?

As these seals provide core functions, choosing the right rubber seals is a major task. And with all the different options available in the market, it might be hard for companies to pick the one best suited for their needs.

Fortunately, Helix Engineering is here to have your back. The team at Helix is equipped with the proper knowledge and skills to provide you with the ideal rubber seals solution. Our products range from prototypes to bulk manufacturing of these rubber seals.

Our advantage over others:

  • ISO Certified
  • Low-cost and budget-friendly
  • High-quality assurance
  • Fast delivery
  • Compliant with all the necessary regulations
  • Vast variety to choose from

Helix Engineering is a leading supplier of rubber seals with a client retention rate of 95%. Being a lead producer, we serve clients of the UK, USA, Europe, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific. If you are looking to take advantage of the best rubber seal manufacturers in Texas, why not browse our extensive list of materials?

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