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Your Guide to High-quality Viton® Packer Element Manufacturers in Texas

Sealing components placed between tubing to prevent fluid and pressure leakage are known as packer elements. Above and below the production zone, packer elements protect the entire tubing apparatus. These are made of elastomers like Viton® rubber that are compatible with the media that needs to be sealed and are designed to operate in hostile environments. Viton® packer element manufacturers in Texas produce the best quality products using Viton® elastomer. 

Viton Packer Elements

Authentic Viton® synthetic rubber is made with 100% pure fluoroelastomers and is certified by DuPont Performance Elastomers with the Viton® certificate. Helix Engineering manufactures a variety of Viton® elastomer downhole packer elements in bespoke designs.

Viton® Packer Element Manufacturers in Texas You Can Trust

Helix Engineering delivers the finest sealing solutions while keeping the greatest quality, lowest pricing, and every benefit that a worldwide manufacturer can offer. Our cutting-edge measurement capabilities have made us one of the most well-reputed Viton® packer element manufacturers in Texas. Our production center ensures that products are precisely measured to guarantee that they match our quality standards and your tolerance. We know without a doubt that our parts will fit your application thanks to our strong vision system.

Our Superior Manufacturing Capabilities

Helix Engineering is dedicated to providing high-quality, on-time service. We offer a wide selection of tools for conventional seals in hydraulics and pneumatics by employing skilled staff, investing in new machinery, and upgrading our skills. CNC machines with drilling, molding and other features are among our manufacturing capabilities. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can deliver products that surpass your expectations for all of your designed requirements, whether printed or sampled.

Uses of Viton® Packer Elements

Helix Engineering provides custom-engineered rotary shaft seal packer elements that set new performance benchmarks in rotary and oscillating applications. The packer element systems have been designed to work in both open and cased-hole completion systems. For high-pressure and high-temperature conditions, Helix Engineering manufactures these elements with a choice of oil-field-grade materials such as Viton®. You can order AST style and custom-created packer elements with a variety of backup options.

Our modern geometrical designs increase the wear-resistance and longevity of client equipment. Packer components have a variety of uses. These include:

  • Supporting the weight of the down-hole tube in proportion.
  • Improving the flow of the well and the pace of production.
  • Differentiating between different producing zones.
  • Limiting well control to tubing at the surface improves safety.
  • Holding fluid for the servicing of wells in the casing annulus.
  • Protecting the annular casing from corrosion induced by fluids and high pressures, as well as preventing tubing string downhole movement.

Applications of Viton® Packer Elements

Eliminating surging and heading, separating numerous zones, casing protection, isolation packers, sub-surface safety management, and artificial/gas lift are just a few of the applications of packer elements.

Numerous industries including oil and gas, geothermal mining, groundwater development, pollution studies, dewatering, coal bed methane, geothermal mining, and geotechnical studies, rely on Viton® packer element manufacturers in Texas. Packer elements are designed to meet the unique requirements of the oil and gas industry. Gaskets, sheets, and extrusions are among our many rubber components that are made from Viton® elastomer for the petroleum industry. Helix Engineering's industrial rubber products have received a lot of appreciation in the domestic and international market for their outstanding quality and low prices.

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